Mimossa Lee


I, Mimossa Lee, as a professional agent from Nirvana Corporation.

I believed that with my sincere and responsible attitude, excellent services can be provided to meet your needs and satisfaction. Please recommend me to interested parties, or someone whom you know that may need my service or for investment purposes. It will be my pleasure to serve you. I will be pleased to provide my best service to everyone. You can contact me through my mobile phone at 93217010 / 81012003.


我,mimossa lee ,作为富贵集团的专业代理

相信凭着我诚心与责任的态度能够提供给您优质的服务。也能满足您的需求,得到您的认可。如果您周围的朋友后身边的亲戚,有这方面的需求与投资,请推荐给我,我会很用心的为各位服务。请联络我:93217010 / 81012003