Art De Spa

Art De Spa is an Oriental-Themed Wellness Spa specializing in Fusion of Oriental and Asian treatments. The foundation of our spa concept is balancing the Art of combining the Oriental and Asian Treatment used in TCM, Ancient Indonesian Massage & fusion of Thai Massage. Our spa uses an exclusive range of herbal products that is especially blended from a TCM and Aromatheraphy Practitioner – from our massage oil, cream and herbal mixture for all our treatments.


Art De Spa 是一个专心致力于融合东方和亚洲疗法的东方温泉水疗中心。我们水疗的基础理念结合了东方和亚洲在中医学上应用的艺术疗法以及古印度尼西和泰式按摩。我们水疗中心所使用的专用草本植物产品融合了中医学理论和芳香疗法的精髓,-我们的按摩精油,精华霜等产品都从植物中萃取提炼而成,对疾病的防治有一定作用。