Body Spa

Body Massage

(With special blend of Essential Oils)

Treatment Duration Price
Head & Shoulder Massage 30min $25.00
(Head, Neck, & Shoulder Massage with relaxing stroke.) 60min $50.00
Anti Stress Massage 60min $50.00
(Stressful Lifestyle – Achieve harmony in Body, Soul & Mind with Soft & Light Stroke)
Oriental Detox Massage 60min $68.00
(Holistic Wonder – Eliminate Toxins and Wind with calming effect & assists in the Detoxification of the blood and Muscle Tissues)
Eastern Fusion Masage 60min $78.00
(Postural Stress – Work on the chronic condition with firm & deep invigorating massage. The treatment aches & pains muscles tissues.)
Deep Tissue Massage 60min $78.00
(Muscular Discomfort – Focus at the targeted area with Deep stroke. This treatment is a boon for enthusiasts as it will address pains related to joint and sore muscles.)
Ancient Bamboo Massage 60min $68.00
(Muscle Tension – Improve Circulation with consistent stroke at release tension area.)
Sports Massage 60min $78.00
(Sports injury and muscle exertion – ease muscle tension)
FIR Massage Bed 20min $30.00
(Helps neck, shoulder, back, leg pains. Improvement of sleep, elimination of exhaustion, blood circulation and metabolism)